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Steamed Pumpkin with Coconut and Sugar

Steamed Pumpkin with coconut 1

Winter is slowly blowing away from the city. At night the hot air already sneaks in to our bedrooms. We need to crank up the fan to sleep now. I put my winter clothes away and tug the thick blankets in a storage under my bed. I never like summer. It makes me feel tired

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Beetroot Noodle

Beetroot Noodle 2

I love good food, and moreover, I appreciate good ingredients. I think cooking takes your relationship with food to another level. We normally eat out twice a week, and we order take away about three times a week. But lately, I have been cooking at home more, and I promise it has nothing to do

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Beetroot with Eggs

beetroot with eggs 1

Beetroot is great. It’s earthy, healthy and sweet. But honestly, I only know 2 simple ways to cook it. I learned how to cook simple stir fried beetroot with mustard seeds and curry leave from my in-law side of the family. I find it to be very light and fresh. And it’s perfect to have

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Chili and Garlic Oyster Mushroom

chili garlic oyster mushroom 6

When Sadik and I find oyster mushrooms in the market, our brains think in different directions. When he picks it up, he thinks about Indian Spicy Mushroom with lots of coriander seed powder that makes the mushrooms taste almost like meat. I think about Tom Yum Mushroom or simple stir fry. He wants his way

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Steak with Beetroot and Goat Cheese Sauce with Orange Glazed Potato


I recently found my obsession with beetroot. My little boy hates it, but Sadik and I love beetroot when it is cooked right. I still owe you a recipe of beetroot with eggs that I guarantee that it would goes so well with hot rice. But today, let me share you a healthy alternative for your

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Stir Fried Instant Noodle with Chicken and Vegetables

instant noodle with chicken veg 2

I bought a dozen of instant noodle every week. It’s been like this since I started to buy groceries by myself. Instant noodle is blood-like to me. It’s like how coffee is for some people, instant noodle is that addictive to me. Sometimes I try to think about why I like it so much. I

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Farfalle with Kale

Pasta & Kale 1

I adore healthy ingredients. Not only they taste so earthy and look so gorgeous, they are also packed with nutrients. Something like Kale is very rich with iron. I love kale in soup or even stir fried on the side of my meat dishes. But what I’m about to show you is this humble, rustic

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Pea and Leek Soup

Leek and Pea Soup 2

The weather in Pune has been really cold lately. I love chill air. It makes me want to fill the whole house with warmth, buttery baking smell and comfort food. And when you think about comfort food, what pops right in your mind right away? For me, it’s soup. Hot, yummy, fresh home-made soup. My favorite

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Pumpkin Spice Latte with Asian Twist

Pumpkin Latte with Asian Twist 3

This time of the year, you can find pumpkin spice latte recipes all over the internet, but what if we can throw an Asian twist in it? This would make an interesting cup of pumpkin spice latte, right? I love pumpkin spice latte. It’s warm and comforting. It’s cozy, and it’s everything this season is all

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Stir Fried Beetroot with Onion and Curry Leaves

Stir Fried Beetroot 1

I don’t really like beetroots; I have to tell you that. But I know they’s very healthy vegetable. So sometimes, I bought them and I have exactly 2 recipes to deal with them. First, the one I’m going to show you, it’s what I’ve learned in India. It’s a simple stir-fried beetroots with onion and

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