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Banana Pancakes with Just 2 Ingredients

Banana and Egg Pancake 6

You can make pancakes with just 2 ingredients. I repeat, you can make delicious pancakes with just 2 ingredients! It’s simple, healthy and made with just two simple natural ingredients. Eggs and bananas. That’s right, just eggs and bananas. No butter, no flour, no dairy, gluten-free, no kidding. I actually found this recipe on pinterest. How

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Warm Taro Tea

I recalled the morning dew sitting on the taro leaves early morning in our backyard while the smell of warm taro-spread my mom simmered on the stove was already made every sleepy livings in our home came alive. It was such a comforting and sweet aroma that lingered in my mind forever. When I purchased an instant taro

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Bourbon and Jelly Milkshake

The sun harshly shines through the bright sky with baking heat mercilessly for a few days now. Summer has arrived too early, and winner is leaving so soon. We are not quite ready for changes. The city feel dehydrated and the heat vigorously increases in the afternoon. I felt the need of icy cold drink

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Sweet Pineapple Raita

A lot of grateful things have happened to me lately. I have finally found my long lost wedding ring and 2 of my posts, Spiced Scramble Egg Sandwich and Thai Red Curry Paste Fried Rice were featured on Foodbuzz Top 9 twice in the row. I felt so happy and exciting. I met more incredible

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For My Love of Veggies: Stir Fried Mushroom with Tofu

It’s been a crazy week for us with helping my sister shopping and arranging her traveling. Now that she is not here, I have to come up with better system to help me keeps up with all the works and households. We’ve been pushing the new post on “For My Love of Veggies” for a

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For My Love of Veggies: Stir Fried Vegetable

The first post in “For My Love of Veggies” program, I want to post the recipe that we actually use everyday. Simple stir fired vegetable is a simple dish that we love to have on the table with all other delicious dishes. I love the way the dish looks healthy and fresh. It ensures to

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“For My Love of Veggies”

I am not going to go into the debate on meat and veggies which is better. I am not in the position to give the advice on nutrition neither. But I do know what is good on the dinning table and what make you feel fresh and healthy. I believe the key to the good

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