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How to Start a Blog

how to start a blog

It’s been 5 years and 9 months now since I started blogging. I shared my first post on January 5th, 2010 with no solid idea about what my content was. I basically started a blog because I wanted a new challenge in my life, and at the same time, it was a channel I used

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A Birthday

I can’t believe I am 28. I was reminded that it was my birthday by Lulu on Facebook, and yes! I totally forgot about it until she wished me a happy birthday. Sometimes I was just so occupied with frustrations and workloads that I forgot some important and special days in life. Thanks God! My dear husband

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Blogging Messy

If you had visited my blog in the past 8 hours, you might think I have gone mad. You might wonder why I kept changing the design of my blog every 10 seconds and messed up the posts, also the scariest part where my blog turned blank. Well, I was almost gone mad! When I log

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