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Miang Koong (Thai Prawn Wrap)

Have you ever tried Wild Pepper Leaf? Wild Pepper Leaf or Bai Cha Plu is a pungent, peppery and citrusy leaf used in Southeast Asian cuisines. The leaf looks quite similar to a betel leaf, but they’re completely different thing. In my opinion, it’s one of the most exciting ingredients, and if you haven’t tried

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Breakfast Roll with Pumpkin Wrap

Eat good breakfast is a starting of a wonderful day. I love to have a hearty and healthy breakfast. Something warm, comforting, homemade from scratch is always on my mind. I want it to be fresh, healthy and give a great energy for the day. Breakfast is also needed to be fast, quick and require

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Steak Tortilla with Tuna salad dressing

I can cook this recipe less than 20 minutes. It is so quick and easy but very delicious. My husband and baby love wrap food. I can’t think of anything perfect for rush hour lunch than fresh and healthy tortilla wraps with pan grilled meat and a lot of salad stuff. One bite is all

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