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Imagination is Kids’ Best Toy

Imagination 1

We haven’t bought any toy for Yaseen for months now. It’s not that he doesn’t want them at all, but when we make him think about value of things he brings into his life, he understands that he doesn’t really want more stuff. When he asks for new toys and we refuse to give them,

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Happy Birthday Yaseen


Yaseen is 5 years old today 🙂 My little boy grows up so fast. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. Time flies so quickly I don’t even realize he’s such a big boy already. Today is also an Independence Day in India. Yaseen’s school has a flag hosting ceremony in the morning. His teachers

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Happy Birthday Yaseen

Early morning of August 15, 2008 I met the most beautiful boy. He was the most gorgeous creature I have ever laid my eyes on. It was love at first sight, and 4 years later I still couldn’t get enough of him. Yaseen was born on August 15, which is also a date for celebration of

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Blue Color

Do you remember that dirty blanket smelling like wet dog you couldn’t live without when you were kid? Or a little baby doll that got so chewed up? Maybe a piece of anything that you couldn’t go anywhere without? Didn’t we all once have that cuddly object we felt emotionally attached so much? When I was

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My Signature Pose

Dad A Son’s First Hero! A Daughter’s First Love!! I first saw this slogan in the office of my friend from work. When life takes you through different turns, it is obvious that you transform yourself. Being father is one of such amazing transformations I’ve had in my life. As I scanned through our family photos,

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Little Owl Beanie

I’ve spend the last few days working on Yaseen bird theme costume for his school event. My first choice was really shopping for one but I’ve turned the city up side down and bird costume was nowhere to be found. I thought about ordering a cute one online from the US but I doubted it

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Lessons with Yaseen: Bubble

I didn’t know if I needed to be frustrated about Yaseen not speaking any clear sentence, but it would be good if he would be able to tell us what he really meant. He does know a lot of words in all languages available to him i.e. English, Thai, Malayalam, and Hindi, but never a

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Birthday Boy

It’s all about him today. On August 15, 2011, Yaseen’s officially a big 3 years old boy. Looking back at the trail he has been trekked along side both of us made me realize we, some how, made it through everything. He has been always full of surprises which made our lives fresh and exciting.

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Yaseen’s Bento

My new favourite thing in the morning is packing Yaseen’s snack box for school. The tiny blue puppy holds some of his adored bites tucked in small compartments. He has become very picky now ever since school started. Simple biscuits or cookies wouldn’t do it, he loves homemade, something that is still warm. So today, mini orange

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Yaseen at School

I wasn’t able to find time for myself, so as my husband for many days now. We are still not use to with the new schedule of sending Yaseen to Nursery. I’ve just come to realize how unprepared we were to fit this into our lazy morning. While I am busy with breakfast, packing snacks, checking

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